Google Universal Analytics End of Life 2023

As you all know that goole has announced EOL support for their Universal Analytics by June, 2023

  • Google Analytics has a 85.9% market share in measuring website traffic. We can safely assume that the vast majority of it is using Universal Analytics, and only a small fraction of the new GA4.
  • This is a huge change, especially that the official end of life is on July 1, 2023 when all Universal Analytics properties will stop processing new hits.
  • The transition from Universal Analytics to GA4 is not trivial. Google is throwing out the current web measurement paradigm which has its consequences:
  1. The data model of GA4 is not compatible with the UA data model. There is no historical data migration from Universal Analytics to GA4.
  2. The implementation of GA4 is different from Universal Analytics and requires basically redoing implementation from scratch, especially for properties with more complex tracking setup. There is no GTM setup migration either for that.
  3. This puts a lot of organizations that invested a lot time & effort in their Universal Analytics setup in a difficult spot. A lot of them are looking on the market for alternatives.

The best contender is Piwik, but clients should self-host Piwik
Next best alternative? I Wish Cloudflare invests efforts on improving analytics so that it can leverage a massive shift from Google Analytics

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