Google Trust Services or Cloudflare Inc ECC CA-3

Hello folks, first of all i’m very new to Cloudflare and trying to understand things.
I just want to ask you guys if i did it right or wrong, here’s my story.
I’ve got a server on digitalocean and got cyberpanel on it, setup a website and connected to Cloudflare.
Dns records are ok, seeing the page from Cloudflare, that’s all ok. I also have created an ssl origin cert from Cloudflare, put the cert and key into cyberpanel’s website ssl input and it is working too. Selected the Full (strict) option and website comes with success ssl, so everything’s seems fine. There’s no problem till this step. When i checked the universal ssl tab on Cloudflare just seeing Google Trust Services with 3 months expiration instead of Cloudflare cert.
Checking the cert on browser, there’s google trust which i see on universal ssl section.

I want to know if it is possible to see this Cloudflare cert which i check on another Cloudflare website:

Can you help me guys?

No. That is the Digicert CA and it is being phased out.


I think i’ve got it.

There’s no any problem about google trust services cert right?
In between, is it refreshing automatically when it expires? Or will i need to renew it after 90 days?

Thank you again in advance.

You should have no problem with a Google Trust Services certificate. Cloudflare will handle renewal automatically. It usually occurs around 60 days through a 90 day certificate lifetime.

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