Google Trust Services LLC CN=GTS Root R1

My website is not responding, I wasn’t using this SSL certificate, I changed my domain(palaceofbraids) name servers to Cloudflare, for the past few days, I have been unable to retrieve my website on any server platform. The DNS record is on Cloudflare, upon checking the IP addresses, Interserver, Inc seems to be the host and Google Trust services LLC.

If your domain is, then it loads for me, the issue is that the server is returning what you are seeing.

You need to contact the host.

Yes that is my domain. I don’t know the host currently after I changed the nameservers from godaddy to Cloudflare. The host apparently is saying Interserver, Inc from the checking the IP address on IP WHOIS

I can’t really help you find the host, what you did with the IP whois lookup is the only step I could suggest.

I’d expect you are paying someone or some service for hosting, contact them…

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