Google Trust certificates and the upcoming Let's encrypt change

Hello everyone, I want to know, if my app’s API has a CA certificate issued by Google Trust, will I be affected by the upcoming change for Let’s Encrypt?

Thank you.

You can check the certificate for your site by clicking the padlock (“tune” button for Chrome) in the browser, or you can look in your dashboard here…
or put your site in here…

Note that certificates are updated every 3 months and the CA could change.

Yes, I my API’s certificate was issued by Google Trust, I just wanna know if this change will affect me.
note that I am willing to pay to keep it from google trust. I just wanna make sure that I won’t be affected in any way.

If the certificate stays issued by GTS then there is no effect (GTS’s cross-signing is valid until January 2028). It is possible your certificate may change to Lets Encrypt in the future. Even if it does, that only affects old devices, largely Android 7 or earlier.

If you want to enforce GTS for your domain, you can use Cloudflare’s Advanced Certificate Manager.


alright thanks

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