Google translate won't deploy on a workers site

Hello all.
I threw up a SUPER BASIC workers site at It’s literally just a single worker with some headers and the content. I’ve disabled the CSP to ensure that there’s no blocking happening that isn’t showing in the browser, for any reason.

When I go into Cloudflare Apps, and then Google Translate, I am able to use the visual configurator to see the translate box show up on the page, as seen here:

When I visit the actual site, outside Cloudflare though, this is what I see:

I’m trying to get Translate to work on another, far more complex Workers site, but thought I’d start small and get it working here first.

I have questions:

  1. Is it even possible to use Cloudflare Apps on Workers sites?
  2. What could I possibly be doing wrong that this isn’t showing up on my test site?

Thank you!

Cloudflare Apps is unfortunately pretty much unmaintained and broken in some parts as it stands today. It’s something Cloudflare introduced a very long time ago, so it’s very possible they simply don’t work with Workers. I don’t believe it was ever officially deprecated, but you can pretty much treat it as such.

I would recommend you implement this translation box outside of Apps.

Seriously! Awe man… Nowhere does it say that it might not work. The problem is that Google Translate no longer works for “new” sites. The real target client used to have it running on their site, but when we rebuilt it on Workers the translate script stopped working. I really don’t like the available options as they seam far too costly, and frankly, overkill.

Thank you for the response though!