Google Translate App

I was using Gtranslate and it worked just fine. But I had to have a cname record for each language so it would also go trough Gtranslate servers it cost $30/mo for something that is technically free from Google which should have told me something but that is another story. Then I found the Completely free Cloudflare Google translate app. It seems to work just fine as well. SO my question is do I have to add all the cname’s in cloudflare DNS? How do I add my google analytics code so Google and I can keep track of the all the translated pageviews? Or please check it out for yourself at Any help or advice with this is Greatly appreciated.

If it’s what I think, you get a CNAME for each translation, like, etc. You’ll have to add those CNAMEs here. I don’t know if it will work set to :orange: or if :grey: will work. Start with :grey: just to make sure it works. Hopefully they’ll include SSL for that hostname. If it looks great with https when set to :grey:, switch it to :orange: and wait five minutes to see if it still works. If not, then back to :grey:.

As for Google Analytics, I guess it depends on them. GA is Javascript that runs in the browser. My pessimistic view is that either:

  1. They’ll completely filter it out so it doesn’t run in the visitor browser and you get nothing, or
  2. They’ll act as an intermediary and respond to GA for your visitor.

My optimistic view is that it’s Google and they’ll play nice between your analytics and your site, regardless of translation.

To reply to your response about subdomains no it doesn’t work the Gtranslate paid version does but if you stop paying and keep the cnames and somehow the cnamed virtual subdomain got onto Google or any search engine and someone clicks on them it will show your original home page not the translated page. It has to do with indexing which gtranslate does for you with the paid version which is fine. Okay now my real question is why does my Google Analytics say “31 Users” while my CF analytics says “3100 Unique Visitors” My contention is Google is counting “translated pageviews” shown to foreign speaking users as a real pageview to their paying advertisers but calling it a bot hit to me and millions of others on my or their website thus not paying a cent for that view and keeping the advertising dollars for themselves, which is of course fraud and in the 10’s of millions of dollars. They are thusly doing the same in reverse for websites built in a foreign language and shown to English speaking users. Not to mention keeping the numbers all secret with the use of adblockers and their “algorithms”. Do you have anything to say about this? or better yet please help me, anyone with any info or evidence on this subject Please contact me “David Russell” at [email protected]