Google traffic being diverted to spanish/portugese error page

What is happening is that I am getting complaints from customers saying that they’re getting a spanish or portugese error page.

When I go to Google Webmaster/Dev tools like Lighthouse, it shows those pages instead of mine.

Here is a pic of a test from a browser emulator.

How do I stop this from happening and get Google traffic to go to my server instead of to these foreign error pages.

I have scanned the site with Sucuri and it’s clean.

Thank you,


There’s more going on here than you realize.

These pages – thousands of them – are indexed in Google:

That means, at some point, these pages were on your website, and Google discovered and indexed them. In fact, thousands of them are still live on your website. Here’s an example of a live page:

Of note: while your book-focused pages are built with WordPress, these problematic pages are not WordPress pages. I even found a non-WordPress XML sitemap file listing over a thousand URLs:

Note the date in the URL: today, 30th March 2024!

Change the date in the XML sitemap URL above, and you’ll get a new one with another 1000-plus URLs!

I’m leaning towards a compromised site, but a quick public scan doesn’t show anything suspicious. (It’s early morning though, and my tiny brain often needs a cold start at this time of the day :smiley:)

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