Google still indexes my deleted SSL sites


When I had Cloudflare SSL setup last month I had so many issues that I couldn’t solve. So, I decided to clean up and start over, then deleted my site on Cloudflare. My site is back to http instead of https now. It’s been a couple of weeks now and however, Google is still indexing two https sites out of my all nine pages as canonical.

I already set my canonical back to http in Google Search Console. Please help. Once cleared I want to set up https again.

There’s nothing Cloudflare, or this forum’s users, can do to reset Google’s site crawling. Here’s one search result that has a suggestion regarding site maps:

I’m sure a Google search would turn up other results as well.

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What you need to do sounds counter intuitive. Restore the site you want Google to un-index. Then either 301-redirect those pages, or 410-gone them. Either of which will clear the URL from Google’s index upon it’s next crawl. If you have the site set up in Google Search Console, you can request an immediate indexing as well.
302 and 404 are temporary status codes. You need to use 301 or 410, which are permanent status codes.

Thank you guys for your reply.

I set up some redirections and it looks like working now. I simply thought deleting unnecessary pages was a way to go to clean up and organize my site but it turned out to be nightmare.

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