Google state they sent an email which would enable the transfer to cloudflare but it never arrived

Has anyone ever had a problem transferring a domain name to Cloudflare from google?
I received the pin and clouflare states it’s a pending transfer.
Contacting google about the delay in transferring out does not sound promising since they state the process cannot be expedited due to my not having responded to an email (an email that would be in yandex but is not…and yandex hasn’t failed my email in over a decade).

Should I cancel the transfer and start over? Google appears to be reluctant to send another email.

Hi @springfieldcomputer,

IIRC, the transfer should go through after 5 days even if you don’t click the link. If you do need to speed it up, I believe contacting Google would be the only option…

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Hey I appreciate that reply.
However it looks like it can be up to 60 days (for whatever terroristic reason)LOL

Here’s what Icann wrote back:
Upon updating your domain owner contact information, if you did not opt out of the 60 day lock for transfer, your domain name would be locked for 60 days by the Registrar. This lock can only be removed by the Registrar after 60 days are over. Which is why, the transfer would be automatically cancelled due to this status.

If you believe your Registrar was incorrect in placing a lock on your domain, or if you have problems transferring your domain, you may submit the Domain Transfer Complaint Form at: to ICANN’s Contractual Compliance Team.

I have no idea what they are talking about. I know my site is political and therefore has a bit of big-brotherism going on and I’ve been on 13 simultaneous blacklists in the past (MANY other issues) that all turn up as “gee, we don’t know what happened”…but now I guess 60days is okay (see you guys in a couple of months) LOL

The 60 day rule is if you register a new domain, renew it, change whois etc. Then you can’t transfer to another registrar for 60 days.

In your case, it looks like you edited the whois info for the domain in the last 60 days so can’t transfer out at the moment.


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