Google speed test: cloudflare in "above the fold" slows site down


I have different page with Wordpress - theme Divi - and Cloudflare. In some of them the google speed test do not like some script from Cloudflare:

I make an example:

the google speed test says that 2 of the Java scrips are in the “above the fold” and slowing down:…f8/Cloudflare-static/email-decode.min.js…f8/Cloudflare-static/email-decode.min.js

this is not the case.

I looked in the different settings from Cloudflare after the login on your site: they are the same in both homepages.

What can I do to eleminate that javascript from where google speed test do not want to have it?

Greetings, Martina

Deactivate email obfuscation and check again.

You can find it under the “Scrape Shield” tab.

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WHERE I have to look for that? In the Wordpress dashboard? here on the homepage from Cloudflare? Or in my Siteground Server settings???

Either directly in your cloudlare dashboard, (
or in your siteground panel when they offer managing Cloudflare. I am not sure if they do.

Perfect. Now google do not show any more this 2 java scripts in the speed test.

Just other 2 questions:

I looked at al my domain settings on which I have Cloudflare: they have all the same mail obfuscation ON but for that other domains google is not showing this problem.

if you have some time to loose for me:
My google speed test for is always bad (47 for mobile version). I try to do my best since month but I cannot better it much.

Greetings and THANK YOU.

Speed scores are based on rules, not actual speed. However the site can be much faster. Without moving to a different server, I would suggest adding the Comet Cache plugin to wordress. It will speed up the site very much, if you’re not logged into the wp-admin.

Then in Cloudflare make sure it is optimizing javascripts and stylesheets (in the Speed section).

Hi Jules,

I controlled under Speed option of Cloudflare: al my sites have activated the 3 speed option (minify css, java, html).

For the plugin: I use the plugin Siteground-hosting told me to use for caching: WP SUPER CACHE

Do you think I should CHANGE it to the COMET CACHE plugin or I should use BOTH???

Here are the plugins of one of my homepage :

Thank you, greetings, Martina

@user1311 as a note you may wish to try enabling Rocket Loader in your Speed settings if you are concerned about render blocking JavaScript - to learn more read our recent blog post:

Thank you very much, that tool is great. I made a pingdom speed test before and after and the loading time goes really down!!!

Greetings, Martina

I’ve never used WP Super Cache but I imagine it will work just as well. Your site does seem much faster today.
I’m learning Italian again by reading your site =)

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Thanks :slight_smile:

Check out speed reccomendations from scanning your site witg

Personally I found great speed boosts from moving my hosts from here in Australia to the US.

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