Google sites unable to add CNAME record

Hello, I have a google sites (new sites) site… and when I try to add my domain to the site google tells me to create a cname with my domain and target it to “ghs dot googlehosted**.com.**” the problem is that Google says that the little dot at the end off .com has to be there and Cloudflare doesn’t allow this.
When I add a new record and put copy paste/type it in it just removes the dot after .com and therefore it’s not directing to my site.

What can I do if anything at all

Thanks in advance,

The trailing dot disappearing from the Cloudflare dashboard is not the issue. While you are correct in your observation that the trailing dot is stripped from the Cloudflare interface, it is actually there in the generated zone file when the record is set to :grey: DNS Only.

If your CNAME is set to :orange: you will not actually wind up with a CNAME in the zone served by DNS. You will get A and AAAA records that return Cloudflare IPs. That is necessary for traffic to be sent through the Cloudflare proxy which is what the :orange: setting means. Set that record to :grey: and you will see a CNAME returned and it will include the trailing dot.

Set your CNAME to :grey: and see if that fixes it for you.

Adding onto this, if you want to, you can proxy the CNAME record once you have confirmed that everything is working.

Please note that when proxying your CNAME record Google can no longer renew the SSL/TLS record for your domain, causing error 526 after Google’s SSL/TLS has expired after a few months (only if you use the Full (strict) SSL/TLS setting for your Cloudflare zone).

And Full Strict is the correct encryption mode, everything else is insecure.

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