Google sites invalid DNS

I using custom URL in google sites.
Already verify using TXT.
But the site still not live.

The URL is and

The .com does not have DNS records for the website:

The .my one redirects to ‘www’, which doesn’t have a DNS record:

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This is for .com website

This is for website

That agrees with my observations. Neither domain has any records that would point to a website. I don’t know what Google Sites needs for DNS records, but your account there should tell you what they should be.

Google sites have two ways to verified. Either using TXT or CNAME.
I keep receiving invalid DNS error in Google Sites. But I the domain already successfully verified under google.

Sure, you’ve verified it’s your domain, but you have nothing pointing to their web server.

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Just now I change the A record’s name to “www” seems to be solved

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