Google Sites DNS settings in Cloudflare

I am trying to get the Google Site Setup with the DNS record’s in Cloudflare. Following Google’s instruction.

I am however running into issues…

Site URL in Question: intothevoyr dot com
Error I have now…

Steps that Google Shows me to get the DNS settings CNAME added…

I clicked “Done” it asked for me to add some TXT records in…
I have had to add another few TXT records into the DNS settings from google.
This worked with no issue.

I have followed the instructions in the above for Cloudflare, Here is the setup:
It is set as Proxied (Not sure if this needs to be set to DNS only) However I have tried it the 2 ways about 4-5 days apart & still nothing…

For reference, SSL Overview Settings are set to Full

I would appreciate any help, that you can offer I have gone through the other posts & by googling how to get this & researching it but I seem to be missing something that I can not get… I would truly appreciate the help to get this set…

Thanks in advance!

Here is the DNS settings that I have now…

Hello @adam42,

I am unclear exactly what you are attempting with the first post, but please note, the onboarding process for Cloudflare is pretty straightforwards for Free plans:

I am currently seeing too many redirects.
You will need to change this setting to Full.

Please try to access your site once you have changes the SSL encryption mode.

Thank you.



So I have that setting set to Full, now I get this error…

It is a google site that I am trying to have the Cloudflare DNS point to, but it is not wanting to go to it…

When I did this before in Google Domains, it was a super simple & easy swap fix, I clicked 2 buttons & added 2 records then it was done. Now it is redirecting a BUNCH so I am honestly lost…

It is now showing this…
SSL handshake failed Error code 525

What happens when you pause Cloudflare?


So I was told from google support, that I needed to set the TTL to 1 hour, not have it on auto.
So I changed this from what the rep told me.
“The TTL should be set to 3600 for googlehosted”

I was advised to wait 24 hours from the rep to have everything propagate…

I will try that after if it is not working tomorrow night.

Ok here is the solution to this I will make it as detailed so others won’t get lost also…
The URL is now up & running!
The DNS settings need to have the following…

CNAME record:
Added in as DNS only it can NOT be Proxy'ed to Cloudflare (Not sure why this fails but it did)
The TTL needs to be set to 1 hour (Per Google Support) for that CNAME record.

Type is: CNAME, Name www, Content, Proxy Status DNS Only, TTL 1 Hour

TXT records:
You will also need to add in the TXT records that Google Sites provides you to (verify the ownership of the domain) This is a simple “Add a few TXT record to the DNS settings” save & come back to google sites to verify… (I did not have any issues with this at all)

SSL/TLS Encryption
Must be set to Full


You should be aware that this is an unsafe setting that is as unsafe as having no encryption at all. You should really install a certificate and use Full (strict).

But this does not matter, as you set your record to DNS-only. No settings done in Cloudflare will matter in this case.

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When a CNAME is :orange: proxied, Cloudflare publishes it as A and AAAA records using Cloudflare IPs. This means that any queries for a CNAME record type using that name will fail. When set to :grey: DNS Only, the name is published as CNAME.

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