Google sites DNS configuration not working with proxy

Hello all, firstly I’m completely new to this so please bear with me. I’m trying to set up a simple website for a family business using google sites, and am having an issue with the CNAME record not working unless I turn off the proxy.

I followed the instructions per the Google documentation but was getting an “invalid DNS” message in the Google dashboard. I’ve since turned off the proxy and it seems to be working now but I’d appreciate any advice in that regard. It seems my site only works with ‘www.mydomain’ and not with ‘mydomain’. DNSchecker says there’s nothing for the latter. From what I’ve read turning on the proxy can fix this? Or do I have to create a redirect regardless? Thanks for any and all help.


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My bad. I thought links weren’t allowed.

No worries, links are not banned per se, but there are certain restrictions because the forum used to be swamped with spam.

As for the issue, you currently do not have a DNS entry for the naked domain, however, even if you configured that it wouldn’t work as the server itself is not configured for it.

You best follow the tutorial at Deprecated - Redirect to and go for the archived content in the posting, as that is more accurate.

And happy new year :slight_smile:

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Also, you need to fix your encryption mode on Cloudflare, as Cloudflare defaulted here - once again - to an insecure, legacy mode which does not provide encryption. Make sure to set Full Strict.

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Thank you very much! I made a DNS record with a dummy IP and proxy enabled, as well as a redirect rule. It does say I need to set the order to “first” but I see no such option on on what I’m guessing is an updated interface.

And thank you for saving me from making another post asking about that! Set to full strict now. Do you think I should attempt turning the proxy back on for the CNAME record now that google seems to be seeing it?

Happy new year to you!

I am afraid you configured the incorrect rule. You need to configure it at

The rule you configured would also theoretically work, but you’d need to adjust the expression. Page rules are easier here.

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Oh I’m special. :man_facepalming: Still not option for “first” but I’m guessing that’s deprecated?

Aren’t we all a bit special :smile: but don’t worry, Cloudflare shifted the UI ever since the tutorial was written.

It appears the option only appears if you already have page rules. Seems they changed that from before.

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Haha I suppose some more ‘special’ than others. :rofl:
Seems to be working! Thank you so much for helping me out with this. I guess I’ll experiment reenabling the proxy for the CNAME later as I’m afraid to accidentally bring the site down while google is crawling it and whatnot.

The redirect appears to work now, so you can re-enable the proxy.

If you are on Full Strict, everthing should work.

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So it does! Thank you so much, have a wonderful New Years!

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