Google-site-verification TXT record is not visible from the outside


I added google-site-verification TXT record a day ago for the domain. But it’s not visible from the outside (tested with and google cannot verify the domain.

What can do to make it visible?

Thanks a lot in advance!

It would seem you configured that record incorrectly.

Instead of following the steps at you created a record called “google-site-verification”. That record should have the name of your domain instead.

Remove the record you have set up and start from scratch, following exactly the steps provided by Google (particularly #3).

@sandro thanks! I did the same as you described. OK, I will test the approach you suggested.

Just now or earlier?

In any case, the old configuration still is active.

Earlier. Now I just configured it as you suggested and everything works fine. Also, google just validated it. Thanks a lot!!

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