Google Site Verification is seeing a completely different code

Trying to add my site to Google Webmaster Tools.

Added the DNS TXT record with the code they specified.

Attempted to verify. Result: GWT sees a completely different code. Which I don’t see in the DNS listings at all.

I.e. what I have entered: “61497b881bd772qwr7ac963e1e93e6e” (fake numbers).
What GWT sees:

Failure reason:
We couldn’t find your verification token in your domain’s TXT records.
We found these DNS TXT records instead:

  • cq5-87297g2221bd472dbq4ac963e1e93e6e

How is this possible? Where is it getting this record from? Any advice on fixing it?

Whats the domain and the record in question?

Can I send you a private message? Don’t really want to spread this information publicly.

You can run a check with the record at and post the time here when you ran it.

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