Google Site is Linked, But Connection Times Out

Hi there,
I am not super tech savvy and I am having trouble getting my website to work. I have read and followed several other posts here but I am still having issues. My Google Site is connected to my domain, however, I am consistently receiving the error code 522. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Here are my current settings:

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Try toggling the www record from proxied :orange::grey: DNS Only.

Thank you! This did not make a difference unfortunately.

Your www subdomain loads fine for me, but not the apex(root) domain. Did you mean to setup a redirect or something on that?

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Yes, I would like the site to load without having to type www into the search bar each time. However, I’m not quite sure how to do this correctly.

You can follow this guide to redirect to to www.

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This worked! Thank you both so much.


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