Google site --> Go Daddy -- > Cloudfare


Im hosting a website on google site and have a .com domain on go daddy.
Im trying to connect this trough cloudflare to use the ssl service but i cant seem to get it to work.

I changed the name servers on the go daddy platfrom to the ones cloudflare tells me.
Cloudflare tells me the site is active.

Your SSL/TLS encryption mode is Full

followed a tutorial step by step. when i go to my website i always get an error.

Connection timed out error 522 Host errror

Any help would be appreciated

Full is the first issue. That’s an outdated legacy mode and does not provide proper encryption. It should be Full Strict.

Pause Cloudflare and make sure the site loads fine on HTTPS. If it doesn’t, contact your host and clarify if the DNS entries are correct and why it does not load properly.

Once it loads fine on HTTPS, you it will also work on Cloudflare and you can unpause.

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