Google Shopping: Invalid image encoding [image link] with Image Polish


As I comment in the title. I have activated a polish policy for images, so that CF converts .jpg to webp.

This apparently works fine.

The problem is Google Shopping is disapproving items for:

Invalid image encoding [image link]

When accessing the URL of the Image media, it is correctly (and applies the conversion to webp).

Has anyone had a similar error? Google Shopping does not give more information about it.

Thank you very much,

You are doing the conversion via Polish, not on your server, right?

What’s the URL of the image?

Hi Sandro

Yes, the conversion is via Polish. No server conversion.

I cannot share an image but the format is as follows:

by extension (.jpg) it successfully converts to WebP.

The rest of the products follow the same format


are not unpublished.

However Google Shpping throws that error …


In that case you need to contact Google for clarification.

The image appears to be converted successfully and the headers should be all right. That will be a Google issue.