Google Sends DMARC Reports


Thank you for asking.

You receive them as far as your e-mail address is stated in TXT _dmarc record under “rua” and “ruf”.

As an system administrator, I receive a lot of emails related to the DMARC reports on a daily basis.

True, as a “normal user/customer” they can fill up your mailbox, but are usefull for particular reason as far as depending how did you configured your DMARC record, to recieve the reports or not.

Reviewing the information in the reports helps you understand what messages sent from your domain are passing SPF, DKIM authentication, and DMARC authentication.
DMARC Reports tell you which messages sent from your domain are authenticated by SPF and DKIM. Reports also let you regularly review who is sending mail on for your domain, and can alert you to potential spammers.

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Useful information about them at Google:

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In case if you don’t want to receive them anymore, just remove the rua=mailto:[email protected] and ruf=mailto:[email protected] part as it is optional as per RFC: