Google search says I'm Expired, A Good Idea, Still in the Works

I transferred my domain about 10 days ago. There was a small hiccup (tech stuff I don’t understand about domain shell???) and when I googled my Shop name, a message page came up from the former host/company saying this domain has expired. AFTER I chatted with them and they did the domain shell thingie, I went back and again googled my shop name. NOW a message page comes up from them saying “this is a great idea, it’s still in the works.”
I thought registering one’s domain was like a copyright. In other words, I own it. So how can I stop this company from posting these false, misleading messages about my shop? I’m afraid that my customers who Google my shop name will get this message instead of the correct link to my new store. Do I have any legal rights or any means to stop what this company is doing?

  1. Was your site using HTTPS before you transferred it to Cloudflare?
  2. What’s the domain?

EDIT: if it’s the domain of your username, and it looks like it. Your site is working.

Yes, I understand my site is working. But my shop used to be a part of the Rubylane site, and I recently moved. My customers (past, present and potential) may likely simply google “frenchkissed” or “frenchkissedpostcards” and I’m concerned that they will come upon the [former company]'s page that says frenchkissedpostcards is a good idea but still in the making. I don’t understand why [former company] even posts such messages and I want them to desist.

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