Google Search Results Affected by Cloudflare Settings


My blog, *******.com, used to have a daily traffic of 2500 unique visitors, which dropped to 200 overnight. We conducted extensive research but could not identify the cause of this issue. Although our site still appears indexed on Google, nearly 100 of our articles, which used to appear on the fifth position of the first page, have disappeared from Google search results overnight. The Google help form suggested that Cloudflare might be the cause of this. However, I am not aware of what might have happened with Cloudflare. In other words, it is suggested that I have been removed from Google search results due to Cloudflare settings. Can you help with this? I am requesting information.

Our blog was completely original and up-to-date, which is why our visitor count exceeded 2,500 and our page views were around 4,000 in the last month. We are trying to understand what the issue might be.

I suppose you meant “Google help forum”. That’s a bunch of clueless Google users – not Google employees – making wild guesses.

Are these pages completely de-indexed? Or have they merely dropped in rankings and disappeared from the first few SERPs? If you say they’ve been de-indexed, how exactly do you know this? Can you give one such URL so I can check for you?

If Google has any issues clawing/indexing your site, this will be reported in your Google Search Console account. Do you see any such errors in GSC?

Ask those making the “suggestion” what those specific Cloudflare settings are so you can change the setting. Other than that, and especially if there are no errors in GSC, this is nothing but a baseless “suggestion”.

Note that Google has already made two “core updates” to their ranking algorithm this year. See:

Your articles may be 100% original and the best resource on the topic – but Google’s algos may think otherwise.

And, in the grand scheme of things, 4,000 page views in a month is such a small number that this could all just be normal ebbs and flows of traffic, especially if there are no errors reported in your GSC dashboard.

But I’d ask for these “Google product experts” to tell me what specific Cloudflare settings to tweak, though I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for an answer.

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