Google Search Indexed/Live Test doesn't load images

I’ve been trying to figure out why Google Search doesn’t load my images when index or when doing a live test inside of Google Search console. Google Community members are pointing to Cloudflare, though there’s no concrete evidence. :upside_down_face:
Did anyone encounter this issue on Cloudflare?

In short, when going into the Search Console and doing a live test on a specific page, all the images aren’t loaded.
Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2
The website is public in case you want to review

Could it be Hotlink Protection kicking in? This setting is under Scrapeshield in the Cloudflare Dashboard.

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Thanks for the suggestion. The Hotlink Protection is turned off already.
That’s not the issue in this case.

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Since nobody else has replied…dunno, then. Start looking through logs, like Cloudflare’s Firewall Events Log, and your Server log. It would be nice to see the specific error that’s blocking that image. Maybe even your browser’s Dev Tools.

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This issue only occurs when Google Search visits my site AFAIK.
Doesn’t occur in the browser, doesn’t occur in my APM or logs.
Google Search console only shows this useless “Other error” message.

Update: I’m not able to reply since the topic has been closed but here’s an update I put on Google’s forum.
Alright, I forgot about this for a little while. I retried Fetching as Google with multiple links and none of the images are having issues currently.
As far as I know, nothing has changed to the site, but I’m not having those image errors anymore.

Thank you all for your suggestions!

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