Google Search Index Redirect Error After Activating Cloudflare

Hello all,

I moved my domain to Cloudflare yesterday (free plan + APO). After moving to Cloudflare, GSC started showing the following error for every single web page on my website:

This page (and every single page on my website) was fine just before moving to Cloudflare. To make sure, I deactivated Cloudflare, and problem was solved. I reactivated, and I get the same error again. So I’m certain it is related to my Cloudflare setup (which was basically me clicking on Agree/Next etc. - didn’t change anything).

Because I can’t risk, I immediately deactivated Cloudflare. Any ideas what may be causing this problem and how I can fix it?

I did read through similar posts but was unable to come up with anything.

Thank you in advance.

Solved. Turns out a redirect loop was causing the problem. SSL/TLS encryption was set Flexible. I set it to Full mode as per the following support article and problem was solved:,all%20HTTP%20requests%20to%20HTTPS.&text=To%20solve%20this%20issue%2C%20either,configured%20at%20your%20origin%20server).

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