Google search console SOFT 404 error, Cloudflare has suspended me help?


I am receiving a soft 404 error in google search console for a url prefix of my site that im no longer using. The following extension at the end of my root domain associated with my old url prefix reads as cgi-sys/suspendedpage.cgi. This creates a soft 404 error for me in google search console and is effecting my SEO badly.

After doing a bit of research cgi-sys/suspendedpage.cgi is an indication that a persons account/website has been suspended and goes offline. It means the hosting power has taken it off temporarily.

I am still able to access my website online (all pages) under my current url prefix as I have set up all my pages on my website so that there is only one user-declared canonical.

However the soft 404 error appearing in google search console for the cgi-sys/suspendedpage.cgi is only associated with my old url prefix which i have since changed and i am no longer using, as i have since made sure my root domain and all pages on my site use the same url prefix

Can someone from Cloudflare help solve this issue, because on the back end of Cloudflare its seems they have taken me offline or suspended my account which is creating the soft 404 error associated with my root domain for the old url prefix of my site. Or does anyone have any advise regarding the issue.

Thank you.

Cloudflare’s hosting products (such as Workers or Pages) do not show that page - you need to contact the company you are hosting your website on as it isn’t Cloudflare.

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ok thank you

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