Google Search Console Indexing issues were detected with the URL

My website is made on laravel: []
Hosted on Godaddy and using Cloudfare.

I am facing this issue on my google search console. Google bots are not able to fetch and index my webpages nor read my sitemap or robots.txt. I have spent hours trying to solve this and not found any solution. I would really appreciate if someone can help me with this.

Your site is not returning any Cloudflare headers at the moment. Did you pause Cloudflare?

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yes i have paused Cloudflare before 20 minutes

i have paused Cloudflare but still having the same issue i have defined above

If you paused Cloudflare and the issue persists, that means whatever is blocking Google crawler, that is not Cloudflare. You can test the other way around too: unpause Cloudflare, request the indexing of a page, then check Firewall Events to see if Cloudflare blocked anything. In all likelihood it didn’t.

how can i check that Cloudflare firewall rule blocking bot agent ?

can you please let me know how can i disable firewall on website on Cloudflare

I would not advise doing that! By disabling firewall rules, you increase the chances of a DDOS (Distributed Denial Of Service) attack!

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You only need to disable the Firewall Rules you created. (If you never created a Firewall Rule on Cloudflare, there’s nothing to disable.) Also, you have already stated that you paused Cloudflare and the problem persisted. With Cloudflare paused, there’s no firewall.

This Problem is the same with me also. From the Day, I started Cloudflare, I am getting a lot of 403 Errors in Search Console. Google is not able to read my pages and many of the URL is now removed from the Search Engine. I am also in too much confusion. I am planning to stop using CF as it is badly affecting my Website Ranking. DDOS happen randomly in a month, I will prefer that than having this 403 google Issue.

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