Google Search Console getting 403

Hi there,

Usually anyone visiting my site from would be redirected to and attempts to visit non-existant pages would load the` contents.

However… a fresh validation test on the Google Search Console results in a “Blocked due to access forbidden (403)” error.

I would love to know how I can fix this and my Google index properly. Maybe I can just ignore these?


If you are still encountering this, I’d:

  1. Check your Cloudflare Firewall logs to see if Googlebot is being blocked.
  2. If so, review your Cloudflare Firewall Rules and Page Rules to ensure they’re not inadvertently blocking Googlebot.
  3. Make sure your server is not returning the 403 error by checking your server logs.

Looks like the Googlebot is being blocked.

It looks like there was a rule to block all bots. I disabled that and created a rule to block only those with a threat score of, or higher than, 25.

Not sure where the rule came from, but hopefully this fixes it.

Thanks for the help!

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