Google Search Console Failed: DNS error: host unknown


HELP PLEASE I WASTED ALL DAY ON THIS, it is sunny outside and I lost all my time because I migrated to Cloudflare, I get depressed

Today after migration website to Cloudflare I got DNS error on Google Search Console:


My website is

I saw a ticket in Cloudflare community someone had the same issue (link is forbidden here it seems ?)
I have no auto-ssl but have disactivated completely the ssl in my hosting (company name hostinger), the website is still working with https (ssl), seems that it is coming from Cloudflare where i have those options activated :
-Your SSL/TLS encryption mode is Flexible

  • SSL/TLS Recommender

The website is percetly working in any browser
I tested dns check on many online tool, all seem to be ok

Only Google Search Console give me this DNS error , I cannot submit any new page, and if I test existing page in search console (live test) it gives me this error for all pages.

I have tested also in Cloudflare options “encryption full” and “encryption full strict” but it broke my website

Can anyone please help me ?

PROBLEM SOLVED I just needed to wait


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