Google Search Console Errors after Server migration

We migrated recently migrated our server with no problems and originally no errors came up in when we checked in the search console. Several days after the migration we received a 5xx server error to 40 pages, which are all blog post on our site.

All these pages they load perfectly and there are no broken links or anything. There is no sign that there is a server error. We ensured that our sitemap was up to date and checked our server to make sure that we weren’t seeing any errors. We tried to validate the fix and several days later after the validation, the server errors popped up again.

If this is not something going wrong on our end, what could be causing Google to see these errors? Is this something related to cloudflare?
This has removed these pages from search results and pages that were ranking have lost their position.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, can you provide the domain, and the affected urls?, thanks.

The domain is

And some of the URLs are

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