Google Search Console Error - Redirect but Index testing clear


I’ve been trying to solve my google search console indexing error for the past two weeks now to no success.

For some reason, Google Search Console is showing a Redirect Error on my domain: when I test the domain everything shows fine and the site is available for indexing. Indexing is requested and then if fails with this Redirect Error.

I’ve tried turning off Cloudflare and turning it back on but that didn’t seem to make a difference. I have not idea how caching works or how to set up a caching rule on my site if thats the problem. I’m lost and frustrated and VERY annoyed that i’m left to figure this out on my own with only forum support as the only option appearing.

Yes the www version is redirecting to the Normal Version for me in that case submit the The. It should work

I’ll try that I had submitted and it also had the redirect error. Perhaps if I remove the www.

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