Google Search Console : During Live testing Indexing issues were detected with the URL

My website is made on Wordpress :
Hosted on Siteground and using CDN : Cloudfare.

I am facing this issue on my google search console. Google bots are not able to fetch and index my webpages nor read my sitemap or robots.txt. I have spent hours trying to solve this and not found any solution. I would really appreciate if someone can help me with this.

Site is not accessible by Googlebots, and certain internet providers. The error says “website unexpectedly closed connection”

Are you on siteground as well?

Another Siteground customer here.
It’s affected almost 100 of my client sites as far as I can see.
I just spoke to SG Live Chat and they said their guys have been speaking to Googole since yesterday and there are no blocks on SG’s end.
All existing content still shows in the actual search results (so ranking shouldn’t be affected), and Google Analytics seems to be functioning okay - it’s just frustrating not being able to submit new content via Search Console.
They’ll get it sorted I’m sure.
Good luck everyone!
Elle x

Yes i am on Siteground

Yeah i had a chat with them recently. Thank you for this information. I hope they get it sorted soon.


What do you see when you click “View Live Test”? That might give you the error code that was returned? Please be sure to blur or blackout ANY sensitive information such as origin IP addresses (IP addresses in general), email addresses, or anything else that’s personal information!

pretty annoying if you’re running Google Ads because they automatically flag our sites as “destination not reachable”

Another Siteground user, precisely same problem hopefully will be resolved soon. No ETA from Siteground as they are saying Google need to resolve this. In the meantime Google Merchant centre has now failed for us as this is also blocked…

I am in the same problem. Merchant centre getting decimated and losing a lot of money. Its been ongoing for 36 hours now.

In case if below posts could help a bit, kindly take a look here:

The only change that helps my customers with GMC, Google Ads, etc. is temporary replacement for SG name servers.
I was doing it for my customers all day long and it did help google bot access their sites after 1-2 hours.
However it makes sense only if someone is really losing big money every minute.

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Anyone have any luck with this google issue? I’ve been chatting with siteground and they are still trying to work it out…

My SEO has completely vanished from the first page… This is painful top watch when it’s our main source of traffic…!!! :frowning:

That sure sounds similar to this issue:

This is what i see after live testing :

This is what i see after live testing

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also am experiencing the same problem since 3 days ago . what is the best hack?

It was fixed and now it’s a matter of time to back to index:

You can try with force index within google search console tool.

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