Google Search 403 Error

I recently had DDOS Attack so shifted my site to Cloudflare. Now I am getting lots of 403 Coverage Issue Errors in my Google Search Console. Many of the pages have been affected as Google is not able to reach the pages. I changed my Security to “Low” still the Same.

I search the Community for the answer but all generic answers that look for Google Bot in Firewall and Allow. I did all those too but nothing has changed. Looks like Cloudflare comes with Google Issues . Can any expert guide me on this? Please.


Thank you for asking.

Ou wow!

I am sorry to hear you are experiencing 403 errors.

May I ask, did you enabled the I am under an attack option at the Cloudflare dashboard?
Which might be the reason why you have so much 403 errors reported by the Google Search Console.

You can keep it at Medium, I keep my Security Level selected at Medium for all Websites.

Furthermore, Googlebots are known and veriefied “good bots” which Cloudflare does not block or challenge by default, except there are few cases where from the Google ASN and IP comes some strange pretending to be Googlebot, but this one is always challenged (empty-user agent, or HTTP/1.0, etc. request).

Google might need some more time to re-visit, re-crawl and re-index your URLs from your submitted sitemap.xml file and robots.txt file.

I would suggest you tu purge the cache at Cloudflare dashboard → Caching → Configuration → click on the button Purge Everything.

You could try to use below link → modify yourdomain and sitemap path:


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