Google Recaptcha showing up on all my pages in the bottom right corner

I asked you what the issue was last year. You most certainly contacted support and clarified that, right?

support hasn’t answered

Usually they do. Can you post the support ticket number?

Anyhow, I am afraid there is little point in the whole discussion at this point. You are asking about the very same issue you already asked more than a year ago. Back then that JavaScript was sent by your own server, but you didnt address that and your contact with support was seemingly not fruitful either.

At this point there really is not much that can be said apart from this coming most likely again from your server like last year. However this time I cannot reproduce it to begin with.

To my knowledge Cloudflare does not even have reCAPTCHA of that sort, but if you insist on that your best route is - once again - to contact support.

if you have time please read this

Hi @perelman60_1,

The Bot management feature that you are referring to is a Cloudflare Enterprise feature, are you on an Enterprise plan?

In which case, I presume you are not on an Ent. plan and so this reply that you referred to:

doesn’t apply here as I believe that was specifically in reference to this feature.

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