Google Recaptcha showing up on all my pages in the bottom right corner

How disable this?

I do not have this menu:

That is more likely something on your site itself. Whats the domain?


I write in “hosts file” IP of my site. After that, Google Recaptcha does not showing on my site.

18+ adult site

Very civilised for NSFW actually :smile:

Anyhow, just loaded the site through Cloudflare and did not get anything in the corner. Maybe something about your browser? Have you tried a different one? You can also try to use the developer tools to find out who is loading it.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Please check site here

This CF include code :frowning:

That seems to refer to reCAPTCHA but does not point to Cloudflare. Your HTML code contains the following CSS directive for example

.grecaptcha-badge {display: none;}

which would still suggest it comes from your server. Check your plugins or whatever might add that.

This code is mine. I added it for hide reCAPTCHA.
I need disable include of reCAPTCHA.

As I said, I do not get any reCAPTCHA so I cant reproduce it. As already mentioned you best debug this via the developer tools to find out where it comes from.

Please read this. Why don’t you believe me? This include from CF

If I had believed everything people were absolutely convinced of here on the forum, I’d be still debugging issues from two years ago :wink:

Anyhow, have you tried disabling Bot Fight Mode at and lowering your security level there too?

And you still get the reCAPTCHA? Have you tried a different browser?

Hang on, we had that exact same discussion more than a year ago already

And last time it came straight from your server as well.

I addressed all of this the last time and it was eventually your server which sent that and that will be most likely the case here too. AFAIK Cloudflare does not even offer anything of that sort to begin with - unless you have configured a third party Cloudflare application.

I am really not sure why we are back to a topic that we discussed more than a year ago. You should know what the issue was the last time.

how you send request on my server without CF?

What was the issue last year?

Are you kidding me?