Google Postmaster Error

Good morning,

I’m trying to verify one of my cloudflare domains with Google Postmaster.

I have tried both cName and TXT records but still get the following error:

“Your DNS TXT verification record was not found. You might need to wait a few minutes before Google sees your changes to the TXT records. Please try again.”

It’s been about 3 hours now. My non CF domains work fine.

Any ideas?

Thanks Danny

Post a screenshot of the instructions as well as one of what you configured.

Hello Sando,

Thanks for getting back to me.

Please find attached screenshots.

Thanks Danny


And CF

Well, that looks alright. You censoring the screenshots certainly does not help, but so far it should all work and you should probably contact Google for clarification.

Thanks but how would you contact Google regarding this?

Somewhere in their support portal.

You could certainly also post uncensored screenshots and we could dig more :wink:

Found it will try them 1st!

Thanks again for your quick responses. Much appreciated.


Hey Sandro,

Will it be safe to give you the domain names in the screenshots on here?

Thanks Danny

:wave: @cypmark,

I don’t work for Google, but my understanding based on Is that there shouldn’t be anything requiring filtering in your txt record example, so you have probably entered the wrong thing. Since it is censored it is not possible to confirm but in the link above and on Cloudflare the root domain is represented as @.

— OG

I am not sure what shouldnt be safe here. What did Google say?

And yes, if the name does not contain your domain, it will most likely not work but thats why I asked for a proper screenshot to begin with and I am really not up for speculation.

Thanks but I just copied the TXT from postmaster.

I did add the name without www.

Heyho all done.

Was the missing www.

Thanks all!

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