Google Play Store (app) blocked by Warp?

Connected to Warp Zero Trust on Android, Google Play Store accessible by browser but not by app (which is also the case for Youtube). Checked blocked app list on Warp client, saw YouTube on the list, but Play Store is definitely not. Wondering if Play Store has been blocked by Warp, just like YouTube. Any ideas? Thanks I’m advance.

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Thank you for your assistance. I feel I am walking on the correct path, but my problem has not been solved.

As directed by Set up HTTP filtering, I installed the Cloudflare root certificate and enabled Proxy for TCP & TLS decryption.

Then I checked Gateway > Firewall Policies > HTTP, saw the “Cert Pinning” policy (preset by Cloudflare) and checked its configurations. It’s a Do-Not-Inspect policy covering a large preset group “Do Not Inspect” (including Google Play Store & Google Services).

Finally, with “Cert Pinning” enabled, I still could not access Play Store.

Did I miss anything?

Hmm… seems correct. I’d recommend reviewing the logs from the client and checking the network/http logs in the Zero Trust dashboard to see if you can find any errors / connections which correlate.

I’m not aware of any similar reports at the moment, so it seems like it could be something specific to your team configuration… you could also test by signing out of the team and attempting to access the Play Store while in Warp mode just to confirm that access while Warp is enabled works and it’s indeed something related to the teams config.

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Thank you for your assistance.

I have checked the logs both from the client & Zero Trust dashboard. Nothing helpful. I DO, however, believe that certificate is a related factor, and that skipping inspection on Zero Trust is necessary, as you have pointed out.

Warp mode & Warp+ mode do not work on my Android phone, possibly due to local Internet policies, so I could not carry out the experiment you mention.

I GUESS there might be some unknown hindering factors, like some security policy secretly set by Google. It is intelligible that Google might, for safety reasons, restrict use of proxies (including but not limited to Warp).

Now my solution is running Warp Zero Trust & Clash on my Windows PC, which works as a mobile hotspot for my Android phone to connect. Curiously, my phone could access Google Play (app) under such configuration.

@cscharff I think I mistakenly replied to myself, not you, so possibly you have not been notified.

Given the new information I posted, do you have any new ideas? If not, I might have to mark your first reply as “answer”, as it does solve part of the problem.

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