Google Play not installing/updating apps when Warp in use

Not sure if this is related to Can't download apps from Google Play

Basically if I have Android Warp connected sometimes (not all the time), Google Play Store will notify of available app updates but when I tap the UPDATE button the downloads will not start. As soon as I disconnect Warp then Google Play is able to download updates again.

Anyone else noticed this?

You mean DNS?

@MVP guys, some of you have Android and that can test this?

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Yes, the via the mobile app as in is the underlying DNS but Warp, the app, is also a VPN (only using DNS at the moment). When that is enabled then Google Play fails downloading apps and updates.

[EDIT: clarified reply]

Just tried with DNS (no warp) and no issues downloading updates here.

Guess that makes it difficult to troubleshoot!

Edit: Warp isn’t available yet AFAIK.

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If I use as an Android Private DNS everything works fine. It only fails when is enabled via the app - there’s a difference between using as a private DNS and using the app which creates a tunnel.

Can confirm that this is not the case here on my quick test.

As I said, intermittent fault… It will be difficult to find but it is there.

I will keep checking to see if I can reproduce.

I had a similar problem with other VPN app in the past.

It’s possible it has something to do with:

You can find other similar cases with Google.