Google Pagespeed - lack of improvement?


Just a quick thank you in advance to anyone willing to help - I have searched for around 10-15 minutes but can’t find anything.

I purchased Cloudflare in the hope of massively improving my Google pagespeed. There has been a slight improvement but it seems as though there should be a massive improvement & there’s something wrong (more than likely by me but just trying to work out what!)

The 2 biggest improvement areas are 1) defer offscreen images & 2) serve images in next-gen formats. Both I thought wouldn’t be an issue now I’ve purchased the pro version of Cloudflare & turned all the speed settings on (see image for brief info below).

Would anyone be able to help? Again, thanks in advance

Cloudflare’s Pro Plan can do this if you can’t configure those on your server.

Polish will deliver images in WebP, and Mirage should be able to Lazy Load images for Mobile users.

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