Google PageSpeed Insights not working


#1 - My site is not working on Google PageSpeed Insight from last couple of day. I have paused Cloudflare today and it is working. I am not able to figure out what is the issue?

Also some of the SEO site is giving warning about domain cloaking so not sure what is issue with my Cloudflare settings. Earlier it was working fine. I tried a combination of settings with SSL but no luck.


Can anybody help me in overcome with this issue? I need caching enable correctly with SSL.


I did see a backend error for Mobile, but that’s the only problem I’ve been able to see. I caught a brief warning about frame or iframe, but I couldn’t locate that tag in your Page Source.

Google Groups has a section for Pagespeed Insights that might help:!forum/pagespeed-insights-discuss


Thanks sdayman. Yes I am not using any iframe in my website.


I am yet not find any solution the only option I have to pause my site for caching. I have tune my site without cloudflare caching to achive page speed greater then 80 so not sure what to do now.

I have ask an open question with google communities but it seems lots of people are facing this but in my case it works once I paused my site for caching:(.

PFB Question asked on google communities as well:!topic/pagespeed-insights-discuss/gSVqhGziwG0


I have resume the pause after 2 day and now page speed is giving an error:

PageSpeed Insights received a 522 response from the server. It seems some issue with Cloudflare because I am able to access my site in browser.


Since I didn’t find any temporary solution I don’t have any other option left for temporary resolution so deleted my site from cloudflare. I don’t know but I can see the page speed it good after deleting the cloudflare in google pagespeed.

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