Google Pagespeed insight not working after Cloudflare

today I installed Cloudflare on my website and page speed insight throws an error. “please help me Lighthouse returned an error: FAILED_DOCUMENT_REQUEST. Lighthouse was unable to reliably load the page you requested. Make sure you are testing the correct URL and that the server is properly responding to all requests. (Details: net::ERR_CONNECTION_FAILED)”

and additionally, let’s encrypt is installed on server lightsail, and settings are standards and SSL is set to strict.

I’m able to get it to run. I’ve found that if my browser is set to maximum privacy, I can’t get it to run, so I use Firefox in a more lax privacy mode and it works.

How can i find tune it ? Can u help me to get through some additional settings. Thank you for great reply :pray:t2::pray:t2:

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