Google PageSpeed Fails when Cache enabled

With a website that routed through CloudFlare with standard Caching enabled:

Are there any known issues with testing that with Google PageSpeed or Pingdom’s speed test?

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When I test the speed of our site with Google PageSpeed & Pingdom’s speed test, they return horribly slow (or no) results when Cache is enabled.

My Testing

  1. I’m measuring our site with Google PageSpeed insights and Pingdoms’s speed test. Our site is routed through CloudFlare for SSL and Caching.

  2. *Disabled ** Cache. Waited 5 minutes, tested per the above. Page seems good (fully loading in 5-8s
    3. Google PageSpeed reports score of 81-93% (4 tests)
    3. Pingdom reports load times 5.27-7.2s

  3. Google Pagespeed fails to load it: Lighthouse returned error: NOT_HTML (tested 4x over about 10min). Failed all 4 times.

  4. Enabled Cache again. Repeated tests. Google PageSpeed & Pingdom both report horrible results

  5. Pingdom reports: 17s 23.4s load time

  6. Google Pagespeed fails: FAILED_DOCUMENT_REQUEST & Lighthouse returned error: NOT_HTML

  7. Geo peformance looks terrible

  8. However, when I load the page myself in Chrome (F12, Control+R refresh), it loads in fine (Chrome reports fully loaded: 2.4s, 6.5s 2.4s

  9. Reenabled Caching. Waited 5m

  10. Pingdom shows much better load times: 4.3s - 6.28s

  11. Pagespeed works, showing 82%, 92%,
    10 Geo peformance looks good

*I’m testing Caching by disabling it via the Caching.Development Mode option.

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