Google Page Speed issue

My speed is very slow. I also used Cloudflare to improve its speed but it didn’t work. Can you please tell me if I configured it correctly or not?

Simply adding Cloudflare to your site isn’t going to make it magically better for performance unfortunately. I’m guessing is your site?

Cloudflare will help by caching assets and ensuring they’re available around the world quickly (as long as you respond with reasonable cache-control headers), but when you’re loading >45 JS files, ~10 CSS files, and >35 images, there’s only so much that can be done without some serious optimisation work on your site itself.

A couple quick things I noticed:

  • Looking at a Coverage report within Chrome, so much of your loaded JS/CSS isn’t even used:

  • Lots of layout shift - elements pop-in and trigger a repaint. Add explicit width/height or aspect-ratio to elements to “reserve” space for them and reduce layout shift.

Here are some resources on website performance I would recommend getting familiar with and reading through:

The pagespeed test will guide you through a lot of opportunities and tweaks you can make to improve your site’s performance.


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