Google Page Speed Insight dropped to almost zero



I was working about 15 days on my Google page speed ranking. Sudenly it dropped to almost zero and all corrections that he points are linked to CloudFlare functions.

Why it stopped working?



It seems you paused Cloudflare for this website. Check it on Cloudflare Dashboard > Overview.



I did not! I just changed DNS to the server on a try to return all the score! :frowning:

Any suggest?



Without having Cloudflare on, it’s difficult to tell. Perhaps you should revert back to Cloudflare, then navigate on your site using Dev Tools > Network and Console to see if there are any errors being reported.



Your site is 3,405 KB in size ! That is huge especially for mobile as Google Inights measures based on 3G mobile speed and nexus/moto gen 4 cpu trottled devices. Try keeping it total below 800-1200KB total if you can.

Google PageSpeed Insights v5 is heavily weighted towards interactive and speedindex and first contentful paint metrics on 3G moto g4/nexus 5 device emulation. So for dynamic and javascript heavy sites, 3G mobile score or heavily render blocked asset based sites, the score will be lower. From v5 API this is the weighting used to determine the score

  • interactive 5
  • speed-index 4
  • first-contentful-paint 3
  • first-cpu-idle 2
  • first-meaningful-paint 1

You really shouldn’t look at the overall scores but the metric’s values measured over time to get your relative page speed. Field data origin summary would be that over time measurement rather than the lab data scores which is what the score rating is measured from.

My write up on PageSpeed Insights v5 update at

For pagespeed tests, also use for pagespeed testing - my guide at



Now CloudFlare is on! Thansk




Thanks for your anwser.
This update is new?

Because it changed 2 days ago. My score on mobile was 60~70 points.

Thanks !



Your site loads really fast for me. About one second in Chrome and two seconds in Firefox for everything.

It’s frustrating that Page Speed Insight doesn’t align with Lighthouse in Chrome. Lighthouse is happy with the performance and SEO. It has issues with Accessibility (HTML tags) and Best Practices (It really wants your site to use HTTPS.) Use the Crypto settings page in the Cloudflare dashboard to enable “Always Use HTTPS” and “Automatic HTTPS Rewrites.” Your does not have any issues with Mixed Content if you switch to HTTPS.

I see you’re already using Rocket Loader, and that’s the easiest way to optimize JS files.

I suggest you start chipping away at the easiest stuff, like Images tags, etc.

Here are some reports I ran:

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Thanks for your time!
Everytime i run analysis in my website i get high score. Looks like Google doesn’t like me :stuck_out_tongue:

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these days, we are experiencing strong anomalies in PageSpeed Insights, I think there is something new in testing, development, or update, with almost 30-40 points lower than mobile mobile, we hope to recover. For almost all websites, this can be seen in the past 2-3 days. I haven’t read the official statement yet.

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There’s a section on Stack Overflow about PageSpeed Insights, another on Google Groups, both with recent posts which seem to point to issues with PageSpeed Insights recent changes. So I don’t think this is a Cloudflare-specific issue.!topic/pagespeed-insights-discuss/onijgW3w3pk



This explains a lot! :disappointed_relieved:



Well, i’m a little bit more happy. It’s not only me :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks man!

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back to action 3-4 days ago, can now be checked again.


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