Google Page indexing Error: Page with redirect

I am having an issue where Google search console is giving me errors about pages with redirects,
I am using Cloudflare pages, and my site simply has each HTML page saved as page.html, and the link to that page would be
but since Cloudflare will redirect to, I am receiving an error for part of my pages, i am not exactly sure why some pages are getting indexed, but my search console is showing 17 errors, while the whole site is probably 90 pages, I am attaching an image and an example link:
Unveiling the Latest Trends: Honkai: Star Rail, Toby Keith, Jennifer Crumbley, and Tucker Carlson's Interview with Putin, Honkai: Star Rail's Black Swan: A New Force to Reckon With

Can you share more information? As much of the following information as you can share is helpful.