Google Optimize compatibility


We are having issues with running Google Optimize together with Cloudflare.

We use Optimize on our site to do split URL tests. However the traffic doesn’t split properly, or traffic lands on page A, which then redirects to page B, slowing down load times.

Furthermore, in our Google Analytics reports there are lots of new codes appending to URLs which are complicating the tracking.

We had something similar to this before on a different site and we could only resolve it by bypassing Cloudflare.

Can you let me know what is the best practice for using Google Optimize and Tag Manager code on Cloudflare sites? Maybe I’m missing something important.


Hi @reverbmultilingual,

Sorry for the delays. I think this is going to require some more in depth investigation of your particular configuration. Please submit your details in a support ticket (support @ cloudflare) and our support engineers should be able to dig into it.