Google News Blocked

Good day all,

I’m trying to add some articles to Google News and I’ve got several feedbacks about the Cloudflare captcha showing up. I tried to add a simple rule in the Firewall to allow the Google Bot News but it doesn’t seem to work :slight_smile:

Anyone with an hint please ? Tried to search the community about similar cases but could find something that works for me…

Thank you very much in advance

You have to check what’s triggered the Captcha in the firewall events. Is it Security Level? Bot Fight Mode?

Once you identified it, change the firewall action to Bypass instead of Allow. If Security Level was triggering the Captcha, then you set Bypass - Security Level.

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Awesome, thank you very much for the fast answer.

I’m retrying right now, waiting for the aproval.
From what I’ve seen on the firwall events, it looks good :vulcan_salute:

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