Google MX Records and Email Beta

I use Google Workplace and have added Google MX records to my DNS and set up my destination mailbox for my domain.

The same domain has been granted access to Email Beta.

If I create a custom email address to send mail to my destination mailbox (at Google Workplace) will this create conflict with my DNS or prevent mail being sent directly to my destination mailbox that is configured with Google MX records?

Example: someone sends mail to my alias and is routed to my destination mailbox using Email Beta

[email protected] —> [email protected]

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Hi @letsconnect,

Your MX records for a hostname can only point to one place so you can’t use Cloudflare Email Routing and Google Workspace at the same time on the same domain.


To add, Google Workspace has a built-in email forwarding feature that doesn’t require adding any more users. It’s in gmail settings called ‘routing’ or ‘default routing’ (either will work)


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