Google mobile Friendly + Cloudflare CDN


Oh, I just tested and fetch as google also gives errors.
I tried setting the firewall to the lowest possible (from the pro plan) and also allowed all bots.
I opened a ticket a few days ago I’ll point to this thread to try and get more attention.


Hi pls update us if you get any answer


What kind of servers do you guys run ? Want to see if I can see any kind of likeness / common dominator that may be contributing.

I typically use Cpanel with Memcache, PHP-FPM ( php 7 ), CSF firewall. Pretty basic setup for these particular sites


I’ll do, I also think it’s a CF protection somewhere, there is an extra setting available to entreprise plan wich is “no protection at all” but I don’t have access to this to try it out…
@AdamRiv Linux Debian Servers, Nginx nothing fancy.


I don’t think it has anything to do with it, for example my static files going in:
cloudflare -> cloudfront -> s3


there is a google forum thread about it also!msg/webmasters/VVULay2V6nU/hjxRet9LCgAJ


There is a setting in cloudflare WAF filewall. Can you try to disable it and then test.

in Firewall click web application firewall - >then Cloudflare Rule Set - > than click cloudflare special .

Thank disable rule no 100035, 100035B, 100035C and 100035D and see after 5 minutes did u get the similar results?


Well I ran the tests again today and I no longer have any loading errors… didn’t change anything on my side.


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