Google mobile Friendly + Cloudflare CDN



I’m trying to test the mobile usability using Google’s online tester : for my website (

Most of the times I get page loading issues for resources cached by cloudflare CDN.

If I bypass the CDN I don’t have these loading issues.

Does any of you have the same issues with this test with resources cached with a cloudfalre CDN ?

Thanks for your response.


:wave: @cp11

I just ran the test and there are a number of errors. However your IP address is not pointed to Cloudflare.


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It appears you are using a subdomain cdn1 that is on Cloudflare to serve static assets, you’re missing out on a number of performance optmizations by not having Cloudflare serve the main page.

You might try running Google’s Lighthouse audit on your mobile site:


Hello Olivier, thank you for your reply,

Yes the main domain is served directly, I don’t have any loading problems with other testing tools except the mobile-friendly from google which consistently fails to load resources from CloudFlare (

I tested some other websites using Cloudflare and they don’t seem to have the same loading problem (upwork / fiverr).


:wave: @cp11,

Your site takes nearly a second just to load the HTML steps 1 &2 in the test above, so comparing your site performance to other sites doesn’t address the fundamental performance issues your site has that the others don’t.

To completion of the SSL handshake to your origin the timing looks like this:
DNS Lookup: 24 ms
Initial Connection: 105 ms
SSL Negotiation: 241 ms

The same handshake for the CDN1 assets through Cloudflare is:
DNS Lookup: 64 ms
Initial Connection: 30 ms
SSL Negotiation: 66 ms

So the SSL handshake is > 50% faster if your site was behind Cloudflare. Plenty of other room for optimization in your theme… upwork and fiver probably aren’t good peer comparisons as their site design is completely different from the one you’re testing.



Hello Olivier, thanks again for your response, yes I know many things to improve on the website, I was just wondering why on the specific google mobile test the resources from the domain that is behind cloud flare don’t load.


Based on the other test results in terms of speed/ performance I would think it’s the first reason listed here:

The resource wasn't loadable in a reasonable amount of time.

Again putting the main host behind Cloudflare would likely improve performance and if all the initial query to the root is doing is determining language to do a redirect, using cache everything on the root would probably help as well since there is no reason to go to the origin for that.



Well as I mentioned when I test bypassing cloudflare completely I don’t get these errors.

Here is also a test with a subdomain that is behind cloudflare :

I get errors on much more ressources and also on the cdn1.

Here is also a page I made for testing purpose :

direct loads correctly (on the right), cdn1 fails, the page is a list of thumbnails, nothing fancy.


I’m having the same problem.

With cloudflare activated many files are not beeing loaded properly in google mobile friendly test leading to failed tests, once i pause Cloudflare i try same test and they pass without problems.

In my case I am using wordpress+autoptimize,


Hi Javier, I don’t see any other test where this happens but it still makes me nervous with the importance of whatever google says about your website…
I still havn’t found the source of the problem for this.