Google Merchant Timeout on DNS Lookup

Google is unable to access any pages on my website, this started yesterday.
When I test in searchconsole any url, it returns an error with no name or fails to bring any information.
In my MerchantCenter my products are being disapproved by the error is: Timeout on DNS Lookup

My website is a Woocommerce
Google support could not identify the problem.
Any suggestions on how I can resolve this?

In SearchConsole when i execute the real time test:

Having exact the same issue. But started like 10 hours ago.

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In SearchConsole i get this error now: Failed: No response from DNS server

Some products came out of suspension, but others came back. I don’t understand.

I created a test subdomain, pointing to the same location. In this subdomain google can crawl everything. I tried 2 supports with google but without success

same problem! started 10 hrs ago, anyone know how to solve this problem?


I had even issues with the observatory. It only start working after disabling the bot fight option. But no change in the DNS errors from the google merchant.
In the last 6 hours it recovered in the last 25% of the errors but a retry of the failed are still failing.
No real solution found.

Hi there,

I’m thinking this might be a google issue, not your origin and not Cloudflare.
Looking at your screen and crossing the date/time with your firewall, I don’t see any event that might have blocked that, and you have Super Bot Fight Mode set to allow everything.

The hostname appears to be globally available and I also observe no DNS resolution issues from Google’s DNS servers.
I would double check if all my settings are ok, and report this to google.

Take care.

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I think it was a google error.
Now it’s normalizing, SearchConsole can crawl everything now, and the products are coming back for approval in MerchantCenter.

Thank you, and I hope everything gets back to normal soon for everyone.

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